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Jacqueline Betsy Lord


Jacqueline Betsy Lord studied at Melbourne Polytechnic; completing an Advanced Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design in 2017.   

It was here that she began using traditional metal working techniques; exploring the ancient art of chain making and incorporating these skills to produce her unique range of work.

Jacqueline Betsy Lord in her Studio in the Otways

Jacqueline's work features vintage and antique glass pieces, acrylics and other found objects that are incorporated with traditional metal smithing techniques to give new life to these wonderful old treasures that Jacqueline finds on her travels. 

Her aim has often been to use as many vintage, reclaimed, and recycled components as possible in her art, expressing her deep passion for true sustainability. Although Jacqueline has always had an awareness of the need to make conscious choices in how we live and how we create, she now knows that this is not a choice for the planet, but a necessity. 

The full circle that can be attained by working with whatever is already in circulation in the world, only enhances her love for all things old world, and all things that can be given a new life cycle.  

Jacqueline works full-time at her craft, dedicating her energy to creative exploration on a daily basis.  Her time and energy varies from day to day, given her personal journey with balancing life's challenges, in particular health. Jacqueline believes that openly sharing part of her personal health journey as it aligns with her professional life is empowering to both individual and audience. 

Sharing with openness to the fullness of life can help and encourage creative artists like herself to build strength, resolve, resilience, community and compassion. There is a sense of being seen that is pertinent to the work of any artist, and a knowing of a shared path that is galvanising to the spirit of each and every one of us.

A jewellers studio bench with chain in the Otways
Monsterra in studio
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